4 Useful Books to Learn French

You are worth as many languages you speak, says the old proverb. And while that may or may not be true, what is true is that learning a language is a beautiful experience of learning how a particular people observe the world around them, and in what way they treat it, which is an invaluable insight. However, not all languages are created equal: some are easy to learn, while some are notoriously difficult to master. Even though French is considered to be one of those languages, it is also known as one of the most beautiful-sounding languages in the whole world. But if you are not ready to start with your classes just yet, what can you do to start your first steps with this language?

Can a book be helpful?

As you know, nothing can replace a living, breathing teacher model who can guide you through the rules, correct you if you make a mistake, and who you can practice speaking with. However, a lot of work-related to learning a language also has to do with memorizing facts and rules, and a good book can give you just the basics you need for quick progress, once you do start your lessons.

Here are some of the books that may prove helpful on your path to mastering the French language.

1. Easy French: Step-by-Step

This book is an obvious choice for those who prefer the traditional approach for learning languages, which includes some serious effort, memorizing, and practicing. This book features a gradual program that is supposed to help you effortlessly pass from one level to the next, by covering grammar portions and common verbs. There are numerous opportunities to practice and perfect your knowledge.

2. Mastering French Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach

This one is, unfortunately, not meant for beginners, but rather for students who spent some time studying French, and who have at least a basic knowledge. This book aims to help you broaden your vocabulary and make your sentences more colorful, and more vibrant. It also includes a CD with MP3 files of correct pronunciations that help you perfect your speaking skills.

3. Berlitz Self-Teacher French

This is an ideal book for studying at home if you are reluctant about taking lessons or just hate being told what to do. Berlitz is a very well-known name when it comes to language learning, and they feature an innovative approach that is supposed to help you learn a language without the hassle of memorizing complex grammar rules. Instead, their students are supposed to learn them intuitively by following exercises and examples. In this book, you won’t find many grammar rules.

4. Complete Language Pack: French

Not everyone is the same, and not everyone learns in the same way. For visual learners, this book is one of the best solutions out there, as it is primary focus is visual, and it aims to gradually introduce you to the intricacies of language through basic visual cues. It is divided into fifteen-minute sessions that you can do every day.


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