Tourism in Europe – What Do Tourists Want?

The world seems a lot smaller than it used to be a few centuries ago. Back then, people considered it impossible to travel around the world quickly, and the book “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne was considered purely to be a work of science fiction. However, we cannot help but laugh at it today, when technology has advanced so far as to allow us to go around the globe in no more than two days. The technology that allowed for this to be possible also brought about some other things; for example, traveling became one of the most popular hobbies people can have, especially because people can now visit very remote parts of the world without spending too much time on the way there, and without risking losing their job or family. Also, with smartphones and computers, we can simply go online and do many things that required a lot of footwork in the past; for example, watching our favorite team and betting online with 22bet promo code. For centuries, Europe has been one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all around the world, because it has quite a bit to offer. So, taking all things into consideration, what is it that tourists should see when they go to visit this continent?


One of the things that set Europe as a very desirable destination for tourists is its rich history that spans thousands of years, and which you can experience at every corner, from Ancient Roman ruins found across Italy, to more recent traces the Communist period has left in the period after the Second World War, you definitely have a lot to see when it comes to this part of the world. There are many countries with even more peoples in Europe, each with their unique take on history, which all intertwine and form a delightful tapestry that needs to be enjoyed by every tourist who visits this part of the world.


If Europe is well-known for anything, it is for the art that can be seen in hundreds of museums scattered around the continent, the most famous and significant being The Louvre, where you can find some of the best works of art from all periods in history. Of course, in Europe, art can be found everywhere; you only need to step out onto the street and be greeted with wonderful architecture from various time periods: The Colosseum in Rome, dating back to Ancient Rome, then wonderful examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, as well as some examples of contemporary artistic achievements. Some of the cities that are renowned for their buildings are Rome, Florence, Vienna, Berlin, Dresden, and numerous others.


We are accustomed to going to the East to enjoy their cuisine, but everyone needs to consider that Europe, aside from being the cradle of the Western world, also has a lot to show when it comes to food.

Every country in Europe has its own cuisine and its regional variants that are enough to leave any tourist breathless and asking for more. Of course, we have to mention some particular cuisines like the Italian, which gave pasta to the world, and which made it possible for us to enjoy pizza today, as well as dozens of cheeses. The French cuisine is no less important, as it created the classical cooking method, and determined the way that food is prepared in restaurants and hotels today.


People in Europe are very friendly and welcoming to tourists and visitors. If you come to Europe, you can expect a very warm welcome from the locals, and in some parts, like the Balkans, the people will treat you like a family member, with the highest possible amount of respect. Although Europe may not be the most extravagant place to travel to, it is definitely a world of its own, which every tourist should visit at least once.


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