Top 5 Free Apps for Language Learning

Learning languages has never been easier than it is now. We have numerous free apps at our fingertips, which we can use to do anything we want – from learning languages and chatting with friends to gambling online with the 22bet promo code. If you are thinking about learning a new language this year, I recommend starting with one of these 5 amazing apps. 

1. Babbel

If you are used to learning languages in a classroom, Babbel is the best transition app you can get. It does almost anything a real teacher can do, but you learn at your own pace and the topics are a bit more interesting than they usually are in school books. It gives you all the necessary information about the word you are learning and you can even hear the audio of its pronunciation. The great thing about Babbel is that the lessons are only 15 minutes long, so it is not overwhelming and it does not get boring. Moreover, you can always find some 15 minutes in a day to finish a lesson. 

2. Drops

Drops is an app used for learning new words. The basic appeal of this app is that you have only 5 minutes a day to practice. This is a very smart tactic to keep the learning process interesting – whenever you use up your 5 minutes, you just want to keep going. Therefore, when you get the new 5 minutes the next day, you are looking forward to learning new words. The app is free to download but there are some features that are unlocked only if you are a premium member.

3. Mondly 

Mondly is incredibly easy to use, as well as fun and colorful. When you are learning a new word or phrase, you are offered with a pronunciation, different meanings, pictures, and even things like conjugations if you are learning verbs.

Just like Drops, Mondly is free, but you do unlock some of its features by paying. 

4. Duolingo 

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app out there and I can definitely see why. The great thing about Duolingo is that you can learn several languages at the same time and all your progress will be saved. Moreover, you can practice as much as you want in a day, and practicing more is encouraged – you can collect XP points to get to the top of that week’s leaderboard. Duolingo also has great tests and other features such as storytelling or reading articles. However, the best aspect of Duolingo is that there are numerous native speakers for any language they offer, so there is always someone who can answer your question correctly. Although it is an app, Duolingo relies on real people to explain your mistakes and help you not make them again.

5. Memrise

if you ever wanted to learn a language mostly for conversational purposes, Memrise is the best choice for you. There are even short videos of phrases you are learning so that you can see how exactly they sound when a native person in speaking them in the middle of a conversation. 


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